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ADEXTE® is the acronym of “Ad Excelsa Tendo”,

ADEXTE - soluzioni integrate per piastre operatorie

ADEXTE® operating theatre furnitures

ADEXTE® is an acronym for “Ad Excelsa Tendo”, a phrase that itself has an important meaning: I aim for excellence, for the best, for the top. A meaning that for us is an objective, the objective of constant improvement, of constant improvement aimed at your work, improvement aimed at providing you with instruments that allow you to concentrate your skills on the patient’s wellbeing and at improving your working environment.

ADEXTE® is a company that produces only and exclusively furniture and equipment designed for use in the Operating Room, with a preference for 18/10 AISI 304 Stainless Steel (X5CrNi1810).

ADEXTE - operating theatre fornitures
operating theatre furnitures

All ADEXTE® products were created or improved thanks to the suggestions of one of your colleagues, and all products have been made in compliance with the most recent standards and are consistent with their intended use in the operating room; all products are systemic, i.e., designed to integrate with the “Operating Suite System” and with the relevant protocols.

ADEXTE®  wishes to assist you and to be at your side.