The operating suite is a particular type of Operating Room

ADEXTE – from the Operating Room to the Operating Suite

in which advanced integration between different surgical specializations, personnel and equipment allows the simultaneous management of different situations. This leads to a more structured use of resources, to an improved management of personnel and equipment and has positive effects on the prevention of infections. An innovative approach to the structure is created, due to the fact that there is no longer an operating room for each department but a suite of operating rooms, which are easier to access but less customizable.”

The furniture is of the type that can be classified as “Equipment”, which is most commonly found in an Operating Suite, and which interacts to a greater degree with operators and the environment; there is therefore the need to develop “Integrated Furniture Systems”, i.e., solutions that allow homogeneous performance, standardized to the requirements of HYGIENE, FUNCTIONALITY, RELIABILITY and INTENDED USE necessary in the Operating Room.

The fact that Operating Rooms are “less customizable” and that there are increasingly fewer financial resources available has led ADEXTE to develop multi-specialist furniture, furniture that offers the technical requirements of RELIABILITY and INTENDED USE without detracting from FUNCTIONALITY and HYGIENE.

“Furniture for the Operating Room can be furniture for the Operating Suite, whereas furniture for the Ward or Examination Room CANNOT.”

ADEXTE uses a systemic approach to develop a product or project, and the natural consequence of this is the creation of useful products and functional projects.