ADEXTE: Mayo stand and Instrument table Catalogue

Mayo Table

Besides the operating table, the Mayo stand, or Mayo table, is possibly one of the most important items in the Operating Room. It is the piece of furniture entrusted with operations in the controlled sterile area, in proximity of the patient, of the surgeon and of the instrument nurse; the instrument stand performs an elected role
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ADEXTE: surgeon's chair and Stools

Surgeon’s Chair

The surgeon’s chair is an aid for the surgical operator and must therefore offer the requirements of professionalism, efficiency and efficacy attributable to the surgeon’s work. Hygiene, safety and comfort are the requirements that inspired Adexte® to design this product, and the result is an excellent high quality chair, a valid tool to assist you
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ADEXTE: Ancillary Forniture for Operating Rooms and Operating Suite

Ancillary furniture

Ancillary furniture contributes to the functionality and efficiency of Operating Rooms and Operating Suites. This is the type of equipment most commonly found in an Operating Suite and therefore the equipment most in contact with operators; for this reason Adexte® gives this furniture a definite intended use, ensuring high standards of: ::: Hygiene ::: Functionality
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