ADEXTE: arredi ausiliari per piastre operatorie


Integrated forniture systems for operating suites. ADEXTE ® offers a range of products capable of satisfying all the demands for hygiene, reliability and safety required in the Operating Room. Not merely Operating Room furniture but a System of furniture and fittings designed to create an efficient working environment, a systemic path that accompanies you from
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ADEXTE - soluzioni integrate per piastre operatorie


 “Knowing how to listen to customers, to discuss their needs, to embrace their requirements as our own, this is the only way we can be of use to them.” The solutions we offer are usually not ready-made, but are the result of an exchange of ideas between those who spend their working life in the
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ADEXTE: assistenza alla progettazione di piastre operatorie

Design assistance

“Knowing how to interpret an idea to bring it to fruition.” Increasingly frequently, the preparation of an Operating Suite is part of a much larger and more complex project, such as the building of a hospital or the production of an Operating Suite on a turnkey basis, and in these cases it is necessary to
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